16-year-old teen female treated with onexton GEL IN THE CLINICAL TRIAL1

Week 12: almost clear (1)

Baseline severity: moderate (3)

Teen female

Baseline severity: moderate (3)

Teen male

Baseline severity: moderate (4)

Adult female

Baseline severity: moderate (5)

Severe patient

Baseline severity: moderate (6)

Photos have not been retouched. Individual results may vary.

Results of a Phase 3, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, vehicle-controlled group study comparing the efficacy and safety of ONEXTON Gel once daily for 12 weeks with vehicle gel in patients 12 years and older with moderate to severe acne vulgaris (baseline 20-40 inflammatory lesions and 20-100 comedonal lesions). Coprimary endpoints included mean absolute change from baseline to Week 12 in comedonal and inflammatory lesion counts and proportion of subjects who achieved at least a 2-grade reduction from baseline at Week 12 in EGSS.2,3†

Treatment success=at least a 2-grade improvement in EGSS at Week 12.2,3

EGSS=Evaluator’s Global Severity Score.2,3

EGSS scale: 0 (clear); 1 (almost clear); 2 (mild); 3 (moderate); 4 (severe); 5 (very severe).2,3